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Alopecia Hair Loss

Women's Hair Loss

       Women with normal healthy hair, usually take it for granted, in fact women with normal healthy hair have no idea hair loss is something that could happen to them. However, the moment it starts fall out, (eg Alopecia Hair Loss) hyper awareness and worrying immediately set in. Women with hair loss from Alopecia say they are embarrassed and ashamed, feel ugly and misunderstood, as if the hair loss is somehow a fault of their own. We know that this is simply not true. There is absolutely no known reason why Alopecia happens to certain woman and not to others, and it is not their fault. Unfortunately, there is presently no known cure, but there are definitely new state of the art options that should make those suffering from Alopecia, smile with confidence again.

       With the latest advancements in non-surgical hair restoration and our extensive experience, du Brule's is here to minimize uncomfortable feelings and support you through the process like a family. Natural Advantage's Natur'elle is the latest breakthrough technology and is designed to be so natural and comfortable, that it allows us to recreate your look like no other product on the market. It is and will be your hair, period.

       Natur'elle is not something you wear but something that becomes part of you. Natur'elle allows you to wear your hair in any style, cut, and color allowing you to feel as confident as if you never lost your hair in the first place. No bulky, scratchy, hot wigs with unnatural styles. Natur'elle has literally changed the lives of Alopecia hair loss sufferers everywhere, as it gives you the freedom to be yourself again by allowing you to change your hairstyle and hair color as often as you wish. Whether you wear your hair up or down, go swimming, exercise, sleep or shower with it, Natur'elle will seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. You will truly be amazed with the whole Natur'elle experience!

       Our hair replacement center offers private rooms and a discreet setting with very talented hairdressers who can understand your individual needs. The process will be as simple as visiting your local salon. Our clients say they are so happy with how simple the process is and can't believe how normal and realistic Natur'elle feels. And the best part is we have the resources and fellow committed women who know the experience and can share their story with you, even coming into the appointment if that will make you more comfortable. Our staff, and our clients understand better than anyone possibly could about the difficulty of being a women with hair loss and the challenges of everyday life. Let us be your ally in this journey.

       To further aid our client's through this sensitive process, we offer a women's night empowerment group. Many of our clients mentioned feeling isolated and alone with their Alopecia and wondering if there are other women with similar hair loss. We know there are, so we offer an informal wine and cheese get together to meet and perhaps share a story or a feeling. It's an easy social gathering with like minded individuals and a great way to gather support and confidence. Please feel free to inquire about the details of this event during your consultation.

       du Brule's wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and values the trust and confidence you have placed in us. To learn more about Natur'elle and other methods of restoration that might be right for you, contact us now for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you, and giving you the lush natural hair you deserve!


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Women's Alopecia