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Hair Loss Facts

Hair Loss Vancouver

      Hair Loss Vancouver BC, come and talk to the West Coast hair experts at du Brule Hair Restoration Centre and get real answers. du Brule's has hair loss facts and solutions to help you gain back your confidence and feel great again about the way you look.

      Did you know that in North America alone, 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from hair loss? There are least six main factors attributed to hair loss. They are:

Genetics, Age, Stress, Medical, Nutritional and Environmental.

      The terms balding women and balding men are an unfortunate reality, and the truth is that hair replacement is not just for men anymore. Thanks to modern science and communication advances such as the internet, society is becoming better educated on the topic of thinning hair and hair loss. Research and statistics show that almost as many women are suffering from hair loss as men. Contrary to popular beliefs from the past, women have real issues with balding and thinning hair and are actively seeking treatments and undetectable solutions for their hair loss.

      Men's hair loss, although not a desired transition, traditionally, has been reluctantly accepted as normal... and sometimes even attractive in its own way for some men. But unfortunately, men who have let nature have its way without a fight, usually have hidden or suppressed Emotional and Psychological issues related to the stress of coping with an undesired change in their appearance. Furthermore, to this day, men still get caught in the butt of a balding joke. Though we are now accustomed to seeing more bald men than ever, the same social acceptance has never been true regarding women's hair loss. A Woman's hair loss can be especially traumatic and stressful. You can image how difficult it would be for a woman who is losing her hair in this day and age of physical appearances, active health and beauty awareness! That's why du Brule's is here to treat men's and women's hair loss with proven methods and backed by over 45 years of dedicated family experience.

      du Brule's, in Vancouver British Columbia (offices also in Victoria BC and Calgary Alberta Canada), has proudly been helping men and women regain their confidence for several generations and their family business has earned top honors in the field of hair restoration, hair replacement and client care. du Brule's technical experience and hospitality is unparalleled.

"We listen carefully so that we may clearly understand the needs of the individual and their particular situation".

"Let us help you take that first step in learning about Hair Loss in Vancouver


Hair Loss Vancouver