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Female Pattern Baldness

Women's Hair Loss

       At first, when women notice hair loss, they can hide it by changing their hairstyle, hair color, perming their hair, bandanas, hats, or even using hair extensions. Because women work so hard at hiding it, hair loss in women seems to be much less common than it actually is, meaning you really aren't alone in this.

       In reality, 40 percent of women will experience some hair loss by the age of 50. Women with hair loss typically feel unlucky, unusual, unattractive, and alone. They ask, "Why me"? "This doesn't happen to women?" Hair loss can have a significant effect on their self-esteem. But we are here to let you know that women now have many options in their fight against hair loss.

       Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) or Androgenetic Alopecia is a genetic condition that results in permanent hair loss. FPB is a result of hormonal activity; testosterone in the scalp breaks down, creating Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The conversion from testosterone to DHT is driven by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, which is produced in the various adrenal glands and in the scalp. Over time, the action of DHT causes the hair follicle to degrade, while shortening the anagen phase, causing the hair follicle to weaken and ultimately perish. This is when you begin to notice hair loss or balding.

Although the follicle is technically still alive and connected to a good blood supply, it will grow smaller and smaller. Some follicles will gradually die, but most will simply shrink to the size they were when you were born, thus producing weaker hairs. With a steadily shorter growing cycle, more hairs are shed. The hairs continue becoming thinner until they are too fine to survive daily wear and tear. No thanks to Female Pattern Baldness, women's hair gradually changes from being long, thick, coarse and pigmented, to being fine and in weak sprouts.

       Male pattern baldness is widely known and accepted but the same is not true for women who deal with this. Female pattern baldness usually begins about age 30, becomes noticeable around age 40, and may be even become more noticeable after menopause. Female hair loss is usually about overall thinning. For example, two hairs where five used to be rather than a bald area on top of the head. This said, it is not uncommon for women to have a receding hairline. It's estimated that about 20 million North American women experience such hair loss. The reality is hair loss in both men and women is normal, and usually partly genetic and partly hormonal.

       Hair loss in women is not always female pattern baldness but also surgeries, severe illness, emotional stress and diet can also cause hair loss. The body simply shuts down production of hair during periods of stress in order to devote its energies toward repairing vital body structures. In many cases, there is a delay between the actual event and the onset of hair loss. Furthermore, there can be another long delay prior to the return of noticeable hair re-growth. This means that the total hair loss and re-growth cycle can last 6 months or possibly longer when induced by physical or emotional stress. There are some health conditions which may go undetected that can also contribute to hair loss. These include anemia or low blood count and thyroid abnormalities. All of these conditions can be detected by a simple and inexpensive blood test.

       Women may experience some noticeable hair loss in the wake of a major hormonal change. In most cases though, the condition does not become advanced. For example, post pregnancy hormone conditions can be a cause of this type of hair loss as can discontinuation of birth control pills, menopause and menstrual cycles. In most cases though, the condition is temporary. Many women discover that their hair will grow back to its former luster within a year.

       What is most important to understand and something we at du Brules put a lot of weight on is that psychologically, women find their hair to be a part of their identity and sexuality, as well as their beauty as determined by society; and therefore have a hard time accepting the loss of their hair. du Brule's is here to help minimize the trauma of losing your hair and provide you with a support system to help you with the transition. Our 45 years experience, amazing staff, and real life stories, combined with the cutting edge advancement "Natural Advantage" leaves us sure you will begin smiling again and regain your confidence.

       Natural Advantage's Natur'elle allows us to customize your new system to an exact customized fit for you, non-surgically. This is possible using a state of the art, micro-thin membrane base that is created like a second skin to allow you the most natural look and feel. Imagine this; you are able to wear your hair in any style, any length, any colour and feel as confident as if you never lost your hair in the first place.

       These systems are not what you're thinking; they are not bulky, scratchy, hot wigs with too much hair; those are a thing of the past.. Natural Advantage's Natur'elle has literally changed the lives of women everywhere who suffer from hair loss. We have many personal accounts to share with you from our clients of what a difference Natur'elle has made in their lives. What also sets Natur'elle apart from any other technology is that you are not trapped into wearing one hairstyle, cut or color like traditional wigs, and therefore it is just that, natural, real human hair that within minutes you will feel as if it is your own. Natur'elle gives you the freedom to be yourself again.

       To further aid our client's through this sensitive process, we offer a women's night empowerment group. Many of our clients mentioned feeling isolated and alone with their hair loss and wondering if there are other women with similar stories. We know there are, so we offer an informal wine and cheese get together to meet and perhaps share a story or a feeling. It's an easy social gathering with like minded individuals and a great way to gather support and confidence. Please feel free to inquire about the details of this event during your consultation.

       du Brule's wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and values the trust and confidence you have placed in us. To learn more about Natur'elle and other methods of restoration that may be right for you, call now for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


Female Pattern Baldness du Brule's

Female Pattern Baldness